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What factors will affect the price of display showcases?

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What factors will affect the price of display showcases?
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Why display showcase looks like it is simple, the price will be so high? Why the same size of the display showcase, its price is different? When we offer the price to clients, they always ask the same questions above. So what factors will affect the price of display showcases?

Materials are a fixed cost on price, including wood, lighting, hardware, glass, etc. Different sizes of display showcases are required to use different materials. Different styles of display showcases are required to use different qualities of materials. That’s why the same size or the simple style of display showcase has different prices.

Labor cost is the most important factor that can be ignored. With the development of economy, the level of labor cost is rising. What’s more, a lot of people are unwilling to work in less-than-ideal environment for a long time, like in factory. So many enterprises need to hire them with a high wage, which also affect the price of display showcases.

Display showcases from manufacturers to clients are generally to go through the transportation. Logistics costs are not possible to avoid, because we locate in different countries.

For the main purpose of business is profit. The profit depends on the attitude of the manufacturer .As a factory, the profit generally is low, as the products are all in a factory price to sell. Therefore, profit is also taken into consideration.

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