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Visual Merchandising for a Jewelry Store

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Visual Merchandising for a Jewelry Store
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A strategic jewelry visual merchandising can maximize the aesthetics of products , draw customers in your store and close the sale.

Typically, jewelry stores use display cases in the main part of the floor to showcase necklaces, watches and bracelets, and usually gemstones. This is because in most cases, customers are going to shop for diamonds, which are always in the back parts of jewelry stores, drawing you past all the rubies, sapphires, and gold.

It’s the same concept of putting the most popular and high volume items in the back. It draws customers past all the high margin jewelry like necklaces, bracelets, giving you a chance at an extra sale. It’s also a free flowing layout to help keep an eye on customers by allowing for good visibility of what’s happening in the store.

display cases

Some jewelry stores also use countertop displays to showcase lower priced jewelry and items that bring higher margins. Then, more expensive pieces are placed in the case underneath them.

Another important point to consider when merchandising items in jewelry stores is lighting. Make sure that you are using the proper lighting to enhance your products, both inside and outside of the display cases.

Actually, total jewelry product display case space can often only take up as little as 10 percent of the store’s total square footage. In an effort to show as much inventory as possible, some stores put too many items into showcases. The result too often leads to visual confusion. Remember “Less is more”. In most cases, 20% of the products bring in 80% of the revenue.