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Types of Cosmetic Displays for Your Retail Floor Space

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Types of Cosmetic Displays for Your Retail Floor Space
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Cosmetic displays play an important role in floor space. They can make products seem more appealing to customers, triggering purchasing impulses. There are types of cosmetic displays that fit your retail floor space. Let’s take a look at it.

Countertop displays

Countertop displays is the perfect place to display cosmetic products. The cosmetics wholesale would be the most easy access to the customers. Clear acrylic display boxes or drawers would be very good choice for this occasion.

Wall displays

Display shelving is very popular store fixtures of your retailers or distributors. Be sure the cosmetic display racks or retail acrylic display would fit into the tiers of the shelves.

Free standing displays

If you have a big space, you might consider free standing displays. In this case, the lipsticks, eye shadows, mascaras etc, could be displayed together so the customers will use the most of your products while she tries on the makeups. The free standing displays could even include a mirror!

Shop window

If the display units are supposed to be used in shop window, you might just need something fancy or creative to match with the brand and features of the cosmetic. The cosmetic window display should just enhance the value of cosmetic. 

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