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Retail Display Equipment for Floor Space

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Retail Display Equipment for Floor Space
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Retail display equipment plays an important role in floor space, such as display fixtures and mannequins, can make products seem more appealing to customers, triggering purchasing impulses. Additionally, retail display equipment, such as racks, must leave open walkways so that customers can easily navigate a shop.

Display Fixtures

Retailers should consider using various types of display fixtures to present their more valuable merchandise to customers. Tiered displays are excellent for shoes and luxury garments, such as sweaters. Display cases both draw attention to and protect jewellery and sunglasses. These fixtures are often specially designed for the merchandise they are meant to contain.

Many successful shops also have point-of-purchase displays. These contain merchandise next to the register, and they encourage customers to add another item or two to their collection before paying. The merchandise in point-of-purchase displays is usually of lower value, making these items inexpensive throw-ins for customers. However, frequent selling of this merchandise helps revenues add up quickly.


Mannequins are important pieces of retail display equipment. Retailers use them to give customers a good idea of how this clothe look on them. A good mannequin display in a window can also entice passers-by to enter a shop. The table below describes the different types of mannequins that retailers can use in their shops. Realistic and abstract mannequins are ideal for most retail shops. High-end boutiques sometimes feature art mannequins to enhance their overall decor.

Display Racks

Clothing retailers can also make good use of floor space in their shops by using display racks. These pieces of display equipment can hold many articles of clothing. Customers must sort through the clothing to get a good look at the pieces, but many customers are willing to do so. Along with display racks, retailers need good-quality hangers for hanging articles of clothing on the racks.

Display Fixtures