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Options for Cosmetic Display

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Options for Cosmetic Display
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There are more options for cosmetic display to show off your products in an inviting way. Find some attractive and functional display cases for your cosmetic display will be better to make your products stand out.Here are types of display cases for your reference:

Branded display cases

Elite Plus display has the ability to work with your company to create a beautiful display case that not only shows off your product but also will stand up to the notoriously high traffic of the cosmetics aisle. Make your product stand out with a custom acrylic display case. It will include your product’s logo emblazoned on the side so that anyone can recognize it.

Countertop displays

When your company comes out with new and improved products, you want them to be the first thing your customer sees. This can be achieved with a variety of countertop displays. Use a flat tray display that can have a mirrored bottom to place a few of your smaller items to be used as testers.

There are multi-level displays that attract the consumer’s attention by adding depth and dimension that you just can’t get from a flat tray display. They can be custom acrylic or custom glass displays that are eye-catching and completely functional. All of these countertop displays have the ability to be customized with your logo as well.

Brochure displays

If you run a boutique cosmetics shop specializing in organic or specialty products, it would be beneficial to have a display case for any brochures about the products you offer. The higher end customer will appreciate the ability to educate themselves on the unique products you have to offer.

When it comes to brochure displays, there are quite a few options to choose from. You can have an outdoor brochure holder to allow customers to pick up product literature even when you are closed.

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