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Make Jewelry Displays Sparkle With Proper Showcase Lighting

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Make Jewelry Displays Sparkle With Proper Showcase Lighting
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Building a jewelry showcase can seem like an easy thing. The value of the merchandise puts pressure on you to maximize your showcase display. Any time you put jewelry in a display case that needs to shimmer, you’re going to need extra lighting.

Rather than standard lighting, Elite Plus recommends high quality, high intensity lights that are integral to the design of a successful jewelry showcase. Our LED lights are low voltage, long lasting, and very bright. As always, Elite Plus is willing to work with whatever specifications our customers would like. If you prefer halogen lighting, we can certainly install those instead. Actually we usually avoid using halogen lights, because while they are quite bright, they can also get very hot.

Another consideration when creating a jewelry showcase is the need for additional display space. Because of the volume of space often required in the display area, secure storage space tends to get quite limited. Often times this limits a vendor to approximately nine inches of storage underneath the display area. Depending on the size of the jewelry boxes that you need to store down below, this is typically enough room to accommodate two or three levels of boxes.

If you’re ready to maximize your retail display, Elite Plus wants to help you. From lighting to storage space, we’ll make sure your showcases meet all of your retail needs.

If you have any further questions about the showcase as a retail solution, Please feel free email us at info@eplus-display.com .

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