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Little tips on how to prepare a great jewelry showcase

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Little tips on how to prepare a great jewelry showcase
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1) Accurately study of the light

Jewelry needs the right light to shine in the eyes of those who watch them! It is not necessary to position spotlights in every inch of jewelry showcase: earrings have to shine, not the eyes of the observer!

Here are some suggestions:

• Try not to overlap lights between them, as they have to remain “clean”;

• Create maximum illumination on the jewelry products;

• Use bright lights, so that the brilliance of jewelry can emerge clearly;

• Do not direct the light downwards, for not creating annoying shadows.

2) Not quantity, but quality

Do not fill jewelry displays with all the products you have in your store: you simply have to suggest some ideas about what your jewelry offers. Bulking products of all types, in fact, makes the view unpleasant: remember that your jewelry showcase is not a product catalog.

3) Match colors

Good taste always lays emphasis on the correct combination of colors. Therefore, it is, fundamental not only to create a chromatic harmony, but also to reflect the style of the store to maintain a certain coherence between the showcase and the jewelry.

Colors are important as they act on unconscious level, arousing feelings and emotions in those who observe them: do not underestimate them!

4) Take care of the disposal

When you organize products on a jewelry display stands, you have to concentrate on a focal point in which to place your jewelry. The focal point is central at a height of about 1.5 meters; then, the eye will tend to move, first of all, to the right of the focal point and then to its left: knowing this, you can adjust jewelry disposal.

5) Keep fresh

People want to see something new in your store, especially the regular customers. It would be better to renew the displays in jewelry showcases, at least, once a month to avoid the risk of boring all the customer who spend every day in front of your store.