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How to Merchandise your jewelry in Boutique

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How to Merchandise your jewelry in Boutique
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How you merchandise your jewelry is one of the most important keys to the success of a boutique store. If you want to increase sales,your jewelry displays must be appealing and enticing. Here are some tips about jewelry merchandising solution for your boutique:

Increasing display appeal

How can you make your jewelry displays much more appealing to customers? Ensuring there is more space between products, impactful color themes, and creative product positioning will help your shoppers notice and engage with the products displayed. An item with a lot of space around it makes it seem more special. It creates a visual illusion that the product is something that needs a second look.

Maximizing your display case area

Think about the total space you have in your boutique. How much of this space is used by display cases? Most stores lose upwards of 40% of their total space due to doorways, offices, restrooms, aisles, and backroom storage areas. This severely limits the space used for jewelry display cases. When you are trying to showcase as much jewelry inventory as possible, you just want to put too many items into one display case. Don’t do that. As it just makes your displays cluttered, there is no focal point to draw the eye and none of the items will attract the customers’ attention.

Product placement for the sale

Display your case arrangement to draw people in. Pay attention to how you customers view your displays. Determine which products do a better job of engaging your shoppers, and then arrange the cases in a way that maximizes the visual effect and does so in some logical fashion.

Consider eye appealing

Some jewelry pieces have much more appeal to the human eye due to the materials used or their design style. They are the ones that will attract much more attention from shoppers. Consider which pieces will catch your customers’ eye and make sure they are displayed in a manner that they are one of the first ones to be seen when someone enters your establishment.

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