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How to display items in glass trophy case?

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How to display items in glass trophy case?
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In creating a display, your first consideration is to think about what will make your customers be attracted from afar, and come over to see what you have created.

You may be tempted to stuff the trophy display case with as much as you can and you may want to have whole short stories to describe what you are displaying, but all you will be presenting is a hodge-podge and it will not attract very much attention. Less type to read, fewer things in the trophy display case, and a sense of balanced distribution will create the sort of display that will not only attract attention, but give your guests the sense that they are seeing something special, and learning something that they hadn’t known before.

Items on the lower shelf of the glass trophy case can be moved closer to the glass. These should be artifacts that may be taller and less detailed, and with less need for detailed labeling, requiring only simple identification.

A good measure of thumb is to place the most information and most detail on the upper middle shelf of the glass trophy case . Place medium detail on the upper and lower middle shelf and the least detail on the bottom shelf.

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