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How can you improve store display fixtures?

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How can you improve store display fixtures?
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The store fixtures you choose say a lot about your establishment, impact the customer experience and influence your customers’ perceptions. By improving your display fixtures, you can improve sales.

1.Rearrange some of your fixtures. Freshness looks new, so this kind of simple improvement keeps returning customers interested. Relocating underperforming displays can spark new interest in them. Store display fixtures that are modular in design and coordinated in look are the most versatile.

2.Refresh your store fixtures. Give them a new coat of pain or a slipcover. Try a new color or pattern. Reface them with a new material. Add decorative lights, or in-cabinet lighting that gives a new look to merchandise on display.

3.Is your lighting still working to optimum advantage? Interior light can change as seasonal daylight patterns change.

4.Remember that fixtures set the tone for your store. They reflect your brand. And they affect your customer’s end-to-end experience. Nonetheless, improvements needn’t be expensive.

5.Add the latest technology. Digital signage, video displays, and self-serve kiosks with touch screens all attract attention and serve as silent salespeople.

6.Cleaning your store fixtures regularly. Dust, fingerprints, chipped paint or other damage will instantly eliminate the value of every other effort you make to improve your store display fixtures.

If your store fixtures have aged beyond the point of a facelift, it’s time to invest in something new. Our designers at Elite Plus can help you choose materials and designs that will be both sales-worthy and cost-effective.

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