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Different styles of display showcase

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Different styles of display showcase
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      When we are coming into the mall, we can see various kinds of display showcases which are very attractive. But what styles do the display showcases have?
1.Western Style. It gives us a gorgeousness and high-end feeling .From the perspective of vision, it shows a sense of space and three dimensions.
2.Chinese classical style. It uses wood as the main material to give full play to the physical properties of the wood, which can create a unique wooden structure to let display showcase look harmonious and steady
3.Japanese style .The Japanese style showcase refers to the relatively small showcase. Like most of Japanese families are using this style furniture .The Japanese style showcase seemingly pursuits a casual and leisure life. It is very concise on the space modeling and adopted a very clear line on the design, especially it has a strong sense of geometry. The biggest characteristic of Japanese style showcase is multi-functional which can be used in a wide range of product display.
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