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Choose the Right Display Cases with These Key Features

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Choose the Right Display Cases with These Key Features
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Display cases are some of the most versatile fixtures you can choose for your store. There are so many design options available to you, it’s important to know what you should consider when choosing display cases for your business. Here are just some of the key features you’ll want to consider:

1.Showcases can be constructed out of any material, so they complement your store’s ambiance as beautifully as they accommodate your merchandise. Many retailers prefer to use acrylic instead of glass. Acrylic has all the positive characteristics of glass but it is lighter and stronger. It also comes in colors, so you can create unusually eye-catching displays as well as traditional “under glass” presentations.

2.Display cases can be simple boxes or cabinets, but they can also have built-in display drawers that make it easy to rotate merchandise. They can incorporate shelves, racks or hangers that show off merchandise behind clear front panels. They can also be outfitted with slatwall or mirrored backing.

3.Locking mechanisms provide even greater security. You can use keyed or combination locks.

4.Interior illumination adds dimension and sparkle to certain merchandise, drawing the eye to individual displays and increasing the perceived value of what’s inside. LED lights are often the best choice because they burn brightly without heat and they’re energy-efficient. They can be recessed, used in strips or as spotlights.

Anything displayed under glass or acrylic has a higher perceived value. So whatever the style, retail display cases will enhance your brand as well as your merchandise. And if you're looking to add them to your retail store, Elite Plus is a good choice.

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