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Checkout Counter Area Merchandising

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Checkout Counter Area Merchandising
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The checkout counter area of your store is prime real estate for selling low cost and high margin items that catch customers’ attention right before they leave. You want to fill this area with items like small sodas, candy bars, batteries, sunglasses, socks, hair accessories, and more.

Items you choose to place in this area of your store need to bring in at least 50% markup. They also need to be placed in a manner that does not interrupt the customers’ checkout experiences, so try not to over- merchandise the desk itself. Customers need to have enough room to put at least 10 items on the counter at one time.

Keep these two additional thoughts when designing your checkout area:

1.Place checkout counters in the front left or front center of your stores

The placement lets you keep a close watch on who’s coming and going. These are also areas where lower margin items are typically placed, so you are not losing valuable sales floor space where high ticket items can be placed.

2.What type of material to use for checkout counter

If you are a jewelry store, it’s better to use a sturdy glass counter. This will let your customers be more visible to the jewelry that you are displaying.

If you are a general retail store or boutique, then it’s better to use a hard wood or metal to make your counters. You are going to need something with weight to support the amounts and types of items you’ll be ringing up. 

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