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Ten preparations before the exhibition

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Ten preparations before the exhibition
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There are a lot of things are prepared before taking part in the exhibition, .But what need to prepare ? Ten preparations are as following:

1.To select a exhibition date that is easy to remember.

2.To determine the exhibition area. We have to consider the taste and style, practicality, economy and convenience of the area, etc.

3.To list the exhibition fee budget sheet. inclusive of transportation cost, conference fee, conference facilities rental fee, accommodation fee, etc.

4.To confirm the list and try to choose related customers to participate.

5.Accommodation arrangement .It must assure sleep enough.

6.Catering arrangement. Usually unified arrangement, in addition to the special guests or important customers.

7.The press conference. including drinks reception , the information publish ,etc.

8.To get everything confirmed. Including the time ,the process, the number of customers, the specified operation plan, the atmosphere controlled, etc.

9.To confirm the details, schedule and notes again.

10.Site layout. Including the background and periphery decoration, display showcases and exhibits placement, related equipment check, registration and reception, etc.

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