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6 Practical Uses for a Retail Showcase Kiosk

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6 Practical Uses for a Retail Showcase Kiosk
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Retail showcase kiosks are some of the most versatile fixtures you can choose for your store. Here are 7 ideas for a retail showcase kiosk you can try:

1.Display showcases can be constructed to provide visibility from one, two, three, or all four sides — as well as through the top. You can build them in squared, angled, or rounded shapes, and as shallow deep as you need to fit your merchandise and the dimensions of your layout. Cabinet styles can give your kiosk a distinctive overall shape and décor style as well as showcase merchandise.

2.Glass counter-top units are a great choice to house your smallest or most valuable merchandise, displaying items where they are easy for customers to see, but also easy for you to keep an eye on.

3.Display shelving can serve as stand-alone displays. Towers that revolve make the most of floor space by giving shoppers multiple “views” with one small footprint. Display shelving help vary the height of your displays, too, giving your entire kiosk business greater eye appeal.

4.You can achieve visual height with a wall-mounted retail showcase kiosk. It can house a single presentation – like, a necklace, matching bracelet and earrings displayed on an interesting prop – or you can outfit it with shallow adjustable shelves. With a door-style, locking front panel, items are secure yet easy for employees to access.

5.Add lighting. All types of showcases benefit from additional lighting. LED lights are often the best choice for display showcases, because they burn brightly without heat and they’re energy-efficient. They can be recessed, used in strips or as spotlights.

6.Use tried-and-true merchandising techniques to fill your display showcases, but dare to be different, too.

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