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5 Ways to Maximize Space in Small Sunglasses Retail Store

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5 Ways to Maximize Space in Small Sunglasses Retail Store
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Even with a limited space, you can go and start your own sunglasses store. As long as you constantly work on improving your business and soon you will start seeing more customers drop by in your store everyday. Here are some tips to help you make the most out of small retail store.

1. Start with a good plan

As a start up business, you must figure out a good plan for your business. Even before renting your desired place, try to determine who would be your immediate target market and what you can do to reach them. This would also help you decide what type of sunglasses to sell and how you should lay out your store.

2. Choose the right store furniture

Having a minimalistic approach on your store furniture is definitely a good idea if you have a limited space. Choose carefully what kind of shelf or display rack you should use for your store or if it’s smarter to have wall mounted display instead.

3.Use plenty of mirrors

Hanging large mirrors in strategic places not only gives you the illusion of space but also makes it easier for shoppers to try on different sunglasses. Installing mirrors also add an elegant twist to your space leaving a pleasant feeling to the customers as soon as they step inside your store.

4. Use proper lighting

Installing the right lighting in your retail store is essential in making it look more spacious and airy. Use a variety of lighting types to improve the ambiance of your store and to highlight products that can drive more people into your business. Having a well lit store gives your customer a pleasant shopping experience and leave a favorable impression about your brand.

5.Paint an accent wall

It is true that painting your walls with rich and bold colors can make a room look more spacious. Bold colors can easily give a modern touch to any space so don’t be afraid to try using fun lively colors on your walls as long as it is connected with your brand.

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